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Whitney Johns

Whitney Johns

What’s Whitney Johns Height?

Whitney Johns is 175 inches tall.

What’s Whitney Johns Weight?

Whitney Johns weighs 66kg.

Where’s Whitney Johns from?

Whitney Johns is American.

Whitney Johns Birthday

Whitney Johns was born November 29, 1990.

How old is Whitney Johns?

Whitney Johns is 32 years old.

Whitney Johns Biography and Life

While Whitney Johns spent her childhood growing up in Idaho, she never found a sport she would excel at. In his own words; “I was never very good at sports, dancing, gymnastics, or anything else little girls were supposed to be good at.” However, that didn’t stop Whitney from discovering your cat. With her strong desire to play sports, she continued to try different sports and activities over the years. She hoped she’d find something to be good at. Finally, Whitney found what she was looking for. Fitness and weights. After numerous failed attempts at traditional disciplines, dance and sport, Whitney decided to make her athletic debut in strength training. This was where the She fitness journey began, she.

Whitney began training with weights at the age of sixteen. Before long, he began to notice improvements in his physique, which led him to become addicted to fitness. Whitney developed strong discipline and self-confidence by achieving her fitness goals one by one. His exercises not only strengthened him physically, but he also grew mentally.

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Driven by a passion for weights, Whitney began pursuing a career in personal coaching and fitness competitions. After numerous courses, Whitney managed to get her personal training license. She also went on to become a bikini contender for the NPC and later won the WBFF Fitness Model Pro Card at WBFF – 2015 she.

Taking her career one step further, Whitney began modeling for fitness companies as well as competing as a bikini model. This made him known in the fitness industry. Throughout this process, Whitney Johns has become a fitness icon in America and beyond.

Whitney Johns Contests and Awards

2015 Grand Prix, NPC Bikini Class F, 3rd place

2015 Grand Prix, NPC Bikini Beginner Class D, 2nd Place

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