Marc Fitt


Height: 178cm

Weight: 83kg

Country: Canada

Date of Birth: September 10, 1990

Full Name: Marc-Andre Fitt Benard

Marc Fitt wasn’t a fitness freak. She started going to the gym at a young age to boost her self-confidence. Increasingly enthusiastic after the first day, Marc Fitt realized that he had a talent for it. He pushed himself to be the best. When Marc Fitt turned 20, he joined the police academy. Marc Fitt wanted to join the Swat team. When Marc Fitt started the academy, he was in good shape physically. He was trained in the academy for endurance and strength. His friends would often ask Marc Fitt how he had gotten so far. Marc Fitt stressed that he doesn’t have a special formula, but that it’s important to work hard and never miss a workout. Marc Fitt realized that unlike other people, he did a lot of research on fitness. He began to share his experiences with people. Marc Fitt, who left the police academy shortly after, started to continue his life with sports. As a result of his hard work and determination, he started to become a well-known person in the world. Marc Fitt continues his life as a personal trainer and inspiration to people. Marc Fitt has 1.2m followers on Instagram with the username marc_fitt.

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