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Ekaterina Usmanova

Ekaterina Usmanova

What is Ekaterina Usmanova’s Height?

Ekaterina Usmanova’s height is 166 centimeters.

What is Ekaterina Usmanova’s Weight?

Ekaterina Usmanova weighs 61kg.

Where is Ekaterina Usmanova from?

Ekaterina Usmanova is from Russia.

Ekaterina Usmanova Date of Birth ?

Ekaterina Usmanova was born on October 1, 1989.

How Old Is Ekaterina Usmanova?

Ekaterina Usmanova is 33 years old.

What is Ekaterina Usmanova’s Full Name?

Ekaterina Usmanova’s full name is Yekaterina Alexeyevna Usmanova.

Who is Usmanovakate? What is Usmanovakate’s Real Name?

Usmanovakate real name is Ekaterina Usmanova.

Ekaterina Usmanova Biography and Life

Ekaterina Usmanova was born on October 1, 1989 in Krymsk, Russia. He was raised by supportive parents who often encouraged him to be active and play lots of sports. Ekaterina was already attending dance classes when she was 4 years old and it was very clear that she had the potential to succeed in anything she wanted. During elementary and high school, Ekaterina was a member of a local taekwondo group, where she managed to earn a green belt within a few months. Most people training for a green belt would take almost 2 years to earn it, showing how ambitious and talented Ekaterina is compared to her peers. By the time she entered university, Ekaterina had excelled in many different activities. Some are marathon running, basketball, volleyball, dance and taekwondo. But Ekaterina never thought that she could eventually become a fitness icon and turn her passion for physical activity into a career. According to Ekaterina, her plan was to graduate from university and find a stable corporate job.

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Ekaterina later graduated from a Finance Academy in Russia. Shortly after, he started working as an advertising manager in a company. During this time, Ekaterina missed the old sports days and as a result began to go to the gym. This was a turning point in Ekaterina’s career as she soon noticed the improvement in her physique and quickly realized that the gym was something she had been looking for all along. She continued to hit the gym for several months, getting her body in shape and becoming more and more addicted to her lifestyle every day. It was then that she met her husband, Alexander, a personal trainer who worked at the gym where she trained. They got engaged soon after and married in 2010. Ekaterina Usmanova became even more obsessed with training, as her husband gave her a lot of useful advice on the right way to exercise and diet. After 2 years of marriage, due to some unforeseen events, Ekaterina and Alexander had to divorce. Ekaterina was devastated by the incident and said she was trying to find a way to forget about the divorce as quickly as possible. During this time, a friend introduced her to powerlifting, and after trying it, Ekaterina realized that the best way to take away all her frustration was to lift heavy weights. According to Ekaterina, powerlifting has tremendously increased her strength while also affecting her physique. After several months of heavy powerlifting sessions, Ekaterina had an impressive physique. He also forgot about his past and started looking into bodybuilding competitions at this point. Ekaterina soon learned about the local competitions near her hometown and began their preparation. In 6 weeks of preparation, she made her first appearance on stage and won her first local show. Needless to say, the win gave Ekaterina additional confidence to pursue bigger goals.

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In addition to participating in bikini competitions, Ekaterina also participated in various female empowerment meetups. Most notably was when he won the South Russian bench press competition in 2012. Later that year, Ekatarina competed at the IPA Bikini World Championships and finished 1st, performing at the Arnold Classic the following year and winning once again. Ekaterina’s success in the fitness industry has made her one of the few Russians to have success in the bodybuilding world. Thanks to her achievements, Ekaterina soon gained worldwide fame and attracted an army of followers inspired by her story. She later went on to become a successful personal trainer and fitness model, motivating numerous fitness enthusiasts to achieve their own goals. Ekaterina Usmanova has 3.3m followers on Instagram with the username usmanovakate.

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