Antoine Vaillant


Height: 183cm

Weight: 120kg

Country: Canada

Date of Birth: July 28, 1987



Antoine Vaillant is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model from Montreal, Canada. He won the Pro Card in 2012 after finishing 1st overall in his weight category at the CBBF Canadian Nationals. Antonie has always been fascinated by physical education and sports. He attended rugby matches and martial arts classes at a young age. This innate obsession eventually led him to enter the gym at the age of 16. After that, he knew nothing but weight training in his own words; “I remember getting really fast results in the first years of my training and I immediately realized that this is what I wanted to do!” He then began to devote all his time and effort to shaping a physique of his dreams. Over time it has achieved this and more. By the age of 25, he was a professional bodybuilder and a popular fitness model. He made his name known to the fitness audience through social media. Antoine Vaillant has 397k followers on Instagram with the username antoinev87.



2004 CBBF Mr.Granby, 1st place

2004 CBBF Quebec State Championship 2nd place

2005 CBBF Mr. Canton de l’est, 2nd place

2005 CBBF Mr.Granby, 2nd place

2005 CBBF Quebec State Championship 4th place

2006 CBBF Quebec State Championship 1st place

2006 CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championship 1st place

2007 CBBF Canadians Nationals, 1st place

2008 CBBF Provinces of Quebec, 2.

2009 CBBF Citizens of Canada, 4th

2011 IFBB Arnold Classic Amateurs, 2.

2011 CBBF Citizens of Canada, 3rd overall

2012 CBBF Citizens of Canada, 1.

2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Super Show – 16th.

2013 IFBB New York Pro – 14th.