Amanda Fransson


Height: 168cm

Weight: 60kg

Country: Sweden

Date of birth:

Half-Swedish, half-Indian Amanda Fransson became famous for her aesthetic hips. He trains his lower body every week, as he says; “I never skip my heavy hip moves.” Before her fitness journey, Amanda didn’t look like she does today. Amanda threw herself into the world of strength training to add more muscle mass. The first few months were the hardest for Amanda, working with weights was new to her. But with practice, he soon learned the trade and began to love his new lifestyle. The progress he saw in the mirror eventually led him to embark on a career as an online fitness phenomenon. Amanda is proud of her achievements but is always trying to do more. With this mindset and great physique, she sets an example for anyone trying to create their own fitness success story. Amanda Fransson has 565k followers on Instagram with the username amandafranssoonnn.