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Alexia Clark

Alexia Clark

Height: 168cm

Weight: 53kg

Country: USA

Date of Birth: May 22, 1990

Born and raised in Arizona, USA, Alexia has always enjoyed exercise and sports since childhood. However, she did not consider a fitness career in her youth.

She enrolled at Arizona State University to study marketing, but she didn’t like her degree. She was more interested in exercising in the gym. It was at this point that Alexia realized she had to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Alexia’s participation in sports and gym training had helped shape an aesthetic physique. Her friends realized she had the potential to be successful as a model. Alexia decided to enter the fitness industry. After graduation, she began auditioning for numerous commercials and sports modeling shoots. It didn’t take long for him to show himself in the industry by taking part in marketing campaigns for big companies. She quit her job as a project manager at a digital marketing company in 2011. She focused on making a living as a fitness model.

She started posting photos and videos of her lifestyle and education on Instagram in 2013. After appearing in reputable magazines, she became a well-known person in the industry and gained a large number of followers on social media. In 2016, Alexia became an internet phenomenon, inspiring her fans around the world to lead a healthy lifestyle. Alexia Clark has 2m followers on Instagram with the username alexia_clark.

“My workouts are always different! I mix HIIT with crossfit with traditional lifting and do my own little Alexia workout. I use a lot of full-body moves and don’t try to lift as much as I can. Form is very important to me! ”

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