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Frozen V Sit

Frozen V Sit


Frozen V Sit

Frozen V Sit Things to pay attention

You should always keep your back straight.
Your legs should always be together.
Do not lose your balance, try not to shake.
Try not to make the movement too fast. Be slower on the negative.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The Frozen V Sit movement acts on the abdominal muscles and enables them to work.

Frozen V Sit How To

First, lay a mat on the ground.
Lie down with your arms at your side.
Lift your legs as high as you can and make sure they are together.
Lift your upper body towards your thighs. This way you will get a V shape.
Keep your back straight and try to maintain movement form.
Your hands can stay at the side of the body or you can stretch them towards your feet if you prefer.
Depending on how many repetitions you want to do, complete the move.

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