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Banana Cookie Recipe

Banana Cookie Recipe

We are with you with a recipe that you can easily prepare and enjoy when you crave sweets. It is a recipe that will not break the diet, so you can definitely try it. It will be a recipe that will really cut your sweet cravings. Moreover, there is no trace of refined sugar in this recipe. Let’s move on to our recipe slowly.


8-10 dates
2 large ripe bananas
2.5 cups finely ground oats
1 egg
1 pinch cinnamon


The first thing we need to do is mash our bananas. With the help of a fork, we mash the bananas and mash them. You can also put it in a blender if you want. After we mash our bananas, we put them in a bowl. We cut our dates into small pieces with the help of a knife and add them to our bananas. We pass our oats through the blender and turn it into flour and add it to our bowl. Add 1 egg and cinnamon and mix again. We shape the mortar we have created with the help of a spoon and arrange it on the baking tray on which we have laid oil paper. We bake in the oven we have set to 180 degrees for about 25-30 minutes on average and our banana cookies are ready to be eaten. Bon Appetit.

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